■the explanation for people who don’t want to read long one.

Identify your skills in different types of parkours. There are (2) stages, the first and the second stage. In the 2nd stage there are 8 ranks (μ)in which become gradually more difficult.

In the 1st stage, you can earn points. In the 2nd, each rank has specific borders and the challenges you can select are based on the points earned from the first round. You can only select challenges that match your point level (or lower).

We will send you a Certificate of Skill via discord, so make sure to provide your account information.

If you apply with 2 and more accounts, you will be banned from the challenge.

If you want to join >>> Click me!!

■ What is parkour trial?

This event is going to be held for testing your skill on different types of parkours.

Parkours include: one jump, speed run, endurance.

■ The First Stage

In the First stage, you must beat 50 lane types of parkours as many as possible within the time limit.

The difficulty level of parkours changes every 10 sp, and the difficulty level rises to 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, respectively, based on Effort.

Beating a single SP earns you corresponding points for each difficulty level.

The points earned are as follows:

sp1-10 3pt.

sp11-20 5pt.

sp21-30 7pt.

sp31-40 9pt.

sp41-50 11pt.

The maximum points earned are 350.

This point will be the right to challenge the second exam. If you beat an parkour once, you can’t get any points by beating it again.

■The Second Stage and each rank

In 2nd, you have to do the high difficulty One Jump, Speed Run, and Endurance.

The Second Stage are graded according to the rank of μ and are divided into 1 to 8 levels.

The required points to challenge for each rank are as follows:

Rank – Minimum Points Required for the First Stage

μ1 – 18

μ2 – 40

μ3 – 75

μ4 – 115

μ5 – 159

μ6 – 213

μ7 – 262.

μ8 – 317

The rank you can take is determined by the points you got in the first examination.

For example, if you have reached the required point of μ6, you can take ranks from μ1 to μ6.

(Even if you can’t beat μ5, you can challenge to μ6.)

■ Contents of the μ

There are different kinds and difficulty levels available for each rank.

The following is each kinds and an indicator of difficulty:

(OJ = One Jump, SR = Speedrun, ED = Endurance)

Rank – Difficulty – kinds

μ1 – ef3 – OJ,SR

μ2 – ef5 – OJ,SR

μ3 – ef7 – ,SR,ED

μ4 – ef8 – ,SR,ED

μ5 – ef10 – OJ,SR,ED

μ6 – ef11 – OJ,SR,ED

μ7 – ef12 – OJ,SR,ED

μ8 – ef12↑ – OJ,SR,ED

From μ1 to μ4, There are only two kinds, and from μ5 onwards, you can do all kinds.

Also, the difficulty of endurance has been lowered a bit because there will be no beating players of endurance based on the above difficulty level.

The final result is the beating of the highest rank you took.

■How to Participate

Registration is available on Google Form and Discord. The deadline is 4/14 (Tuesday).

When Google Form is used:

(You can find the application Google Form here.) >>> HERE!!

Please click on the link above to fill out the necessary information and send it to us.

When Discord is used:

Please send a DM to りりんばりゅ#3938 (Ibis Server Owner) after filling in at least the following information:

1.Minecraft ID

2.If you could take all the Second Stage, which rank would you take? (Multiple answers are acceptable from the range of μ1~μ8.)
(It doesn’t relate what ranks you can take in 2nd)

■ Points to note

You can’t join with 2 and more accounts. If we find, we deprive your right to participate.

Those who have passed the Second stage will be sent a certificate of qualification at a later date for those who have a Discord.

Unless there is a major change, the First Stage will start at 7 pm.

■Q & A

Q.What should I do if I apply right away and want to abstain on the day of the event?

A.If you don’t show up by the time specified on the day, it will be considered an abstention, so you do not need to tell us anything in that case.

■Second Parkour Trial Info

Dates: 5/3, 5/10 (only 5/3 for μ1~μ6, both dates for μ7 and 8)


5/3 :

13:00 1J  μ1

13:20       2

13:40    5

14:00    6

14:20 SR  1

14:45    2

15:10    3

15:35    4

16:00    5

16:25    6

16:50 ED  3

17:20    4

18:00    5

19:00    6

20:20    7

23:20 END


(μ1~6) It will be broadcasted on ibis official CH from 19:00 (1J > TA > ED), so be sure to log in when the trial is coming up.

If you want to join a certain rank, we will call a meeting before it starts for those who will receive that rank, so please gather at that time.

(μ7,8) We’ll start the ED on 5/3 at 15:00. We will do SR and 1J as well as μ1~6 from 19:00 on May 10th, one week later, so please come to the server.

Below is the time limit for ED.

μ3: 25m

μ4: 35m

μ5: 50m

μ6: 1h 20m

μ7: 3h

μ8:6h (planned)

■The score of the second round and passing conditions

 Calculation method

If the score of nth 1J in μx is An, the highest point of ED is B1, the percentage of Checkpoint stepped to the highest point is B2, the median of SR record is Cp, the theoretical value determined by the operation is Co, and the highest point is Cm

Second order score = Σ[1…5]An+B1B2+Cm(Cp/Co)^x

In the following, the score for each success in 1J is written as Dx=(0 successes,1,2,3,4,5).


・1J D1=(0,2,4,5,7,9) ∴Max=45

・SR Cm=45


・1J D1=(0,4,8,10,13,16) ∴Max=80

・SR Cm=80


・ED B1=115

・SR Cm=115


・ED B1=140

・SR Cm=140


・1J D1=(0,6,11,16,21,25) ∴Max=125

・ED B1=125

・SR Cm=125


・1J D1=(0,8,14,19,25,30) ∴Max=150

・ED B1=150

・SR Cm=150


・1J D1=(0,9,17,24,30,36) ∴Max=180

・ED B1=180

・SR Cm=180


・1J D1=(0,10,19,27,35,42) ∴Max=210

・ED B1=210

・SR Cm=210

Requirements for passing The score for μ1~6 is expected to be around 70% of the second-round score, and for μ7,8 it is expected to be around 80%.